, 06 07th, 2010

Managing Baby’s Things

Author: GIJAne, 06 07th, 2010
camo tote

New mothers have their hands full finding storage and managing all of the things babies use on a daily basis. There are several options to help in dealing with baby’s things being scattered and unorganized. For the home, stackable plastic storage containers are great for keeping toys, bedding and blankets, and even clothes organized. In addition, a set of plastic removable drawers is cost effective and provides easy access to the contents inside.

For mothers on the go, it’s wise to carry a tote bag to ensure you have all baby supplies at the ready. Some parents may opt for images of storks and other traditional baby imagery and motifs-but that’s not my style. Coming from a military family, I naturally opted for an imitable camo tote.

Our Family’s Rite of Passage

Author: GIJAne, 05 24th, 2010
youth hunting camo

Virtually every culture has their own particular rites of passage, and while my family doesn’t celebrate Bar Mitzvahs or Quinceaneras, we do have are own traditions. Whenever a male in the family turns 13, we take them on a ceremonious first hunting excursion. So when my son’s thirteenth birthday rolled around last year, I was ecstatic about the prospect of introducing him to the world of hunting.

For his birthday present, I bought him a complete set of youth hunting camo gear and bestowed upon him the rifle my dad gave me when in turned 13. After that, we headed out for a four-day hunting adventure. Not only was this an opportunity for some quality male bonding, but we were also able to bag a beautiful deer.

Stealth is the M.O. in the Hunting World

Author: GIJAne, 05 11th, 2010

Only the most experienced hunters have successful hunting trips more frequently than unsuccessful trips. The fact is, some of hunting relies on luck in finding your quarry, but it’s important to stack the odds of a successful outing in your favor. For example, animals have keen senses of smell, often much better than their eyesight or hearing. Some animals can smell as much as a mile away (depending on wind conditions) and will retreat at the first sign of danger.  Wearing hunting scents will help a hunter to avoid detection from their prey.

Having all the necessary hunting equipment should be the priority of any experienced hunter. This includes spotting scopes, riflescopes, ladies camo pants and other camouflage accessories. With this equipment and a good deal of hunting experience, you’ll have a much greater chance at a successful hunting trip.

Hunting Elusive Game

Author: GIJAne, 04 27th, 2010
womens camouflage clothing

When hunting elusive game, it’s important to stack the odds in the hunter’s favor. Certain animals can smell a hunter coming several hundred meters away, and even hear footsteps through the brush. To improve the odds of finding and killing a quarry, make sure to foil the animal’s senses whenever possible. Most animals detect a hunter by their smell, so be sure to wear scent dampeners or clothing that masks scents. While animals don’t rely on sight as much as their other senses, womens camouflage clothing can help to blend in with surroundings and is helpful if it becomes necessary to be close to the prey. Most animals can hear well, and it’s important to be careful of twigs, branches, and dry brush or pinecones when walking. You might also consider a hearing enhancement device that will help detect the animal and how it responds to the hunter’s movement.

Taking these steps to baffle an animal’s senses will ensure a more successful hunting expedition. It’s also important to be safe, and use caution when hunting animals that can be of potential danger. Remember, a kill is never worth it if the hunter puts themselves in danger!

Paintballing with the Boys

Author: GIJAne, 04 08th, 2010
ladies camo tee

For my little brother’s birthday this year, he decided to have a paintballing party with some of his friends. Some areas only have indoor arenas, but living in the Pacific Northwest, there are ample opportunities to use the forest as a backdrop for paintball war-games. Since he didn’t want are parents tagging along on his party, I agreed to go with him and supervise.

Although I had never been paintballing before, I’m proud to say that I held my own during the competition. Clad in my ladies camo tee, I blended in perfectly with the evergreen backdrop and was able to devise several sneak attacks. Admittedly, my brother and his friends got the best of me in the end, but I think they were surprised and impressed by my skills.

Supporting the Troops

Author: GIJAne, 03 25th, 2010
camo skirts

It seems like the wars that we have been fighting in the Middle East will never come to an end. As someone with multiple family members in the military, I am an avid supporter of the troops. With two brothers currently deployed, our family is constantly looking for ways to show military support and reach out to others with loved ones enlisted overseas.

Last weekend we attended a fundraising event that was hosted by a local sports organization. Several of the team’s top players came out and the cheerleaders were there in camo skirts and other military-themed apparel. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, little events like this do a lot to boost morale and bring families together who can empathize with one another.

Some Things Never Change

Author: GIJAne, 03 09th, 2010
womens fatigues

Recently I moved back to my hometown after being away for over 10 years. I expected to find the city completely renovated but, much to my surprise, not much had changed. Many of the people that I had known from my high school days were still hanging around some of our old haunts.

I ran into one of my good friends at a local coffee shop, and I was amazed to find her donning womens fatigues. During high school, she had always been a lackluster student and rarely showed any initiative. She informed me that she had just finished her second tour of duty in Afghanistan and was training to be a mechanical engineer-I guess some things do change after all.

A Wardrobe Makeover

Author: GIJAne, 02 23rd, 2010
pink camo handbag

I don’t consider myself a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I like to change up my wardrobe and add my own personal flair to my clothing. One of my latest fashion escapades has been into the world camo clothing.

Lately I have been augmenting my wardrobe to include more camoflauge clothing. Now I know what you are thinking; “Isn’t camouflage for soldiers and hunters.” While that is true, there are now stylishly designed clothes and accessories that feature the iconic camo print, including pink camo handbag, skirt and jacket options.

Introducing Baby to a Family Tradition

Author: GIJAne, 02 10th, 2010

womenscamoclothinginfantcamoclothing.jpgOur family has always prided itself on being active and outdoorsy. This time of year is always a busy one because it’s rifle hunting season in the Midwest. Last year I was unable to make the annual pilgrimage out to camp with my husband due to my pregnancy. This year, I’m lean, fit and ready to go after a trophy buck alongside my friends and family.

Of course much of the time at camp will be spent tending to my young son. While he’s nowhere near old enough to go hunting or to be out in the cold for any length of time, I think it’s important to make him part of the experience. We bought special gun safes this year to keep the weapons out of his reach, and I looked for specialized infant camo clothing just for this occasion.

Welcoming Home a Hero

Author: GIJAne, 01 27th, 2010

womenscamoclothingwomenscamoclothing.jpgMy son signed up with the Marine Corps five years ago, and at first my husband and I were worried sick. The Iraq war was already under way, and American troops were also stationed in Afghanistan. We were proud of our son’s willingness to serve his country, but we couldn’t help but be concerned for his safety. Now that he’s put in multiple tours of duty and attained an officer’s rank, we couldn’t be happier.

Lat year he came home for a few weeks around the holidays, and I prepared for the occasion accordingly. I found some womens camo clothing online so that his girlfriend and I could look the part when he got home. Like many military men, he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve, but it was evident that he appreciated the gesture.


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